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Amansala Eco-chic Resort is featured on Taschen's Great Yoga Retreats as the perfect combination of beach life and yoga classes

Featured on Taschen's Great Yoga Retreats

Beach View Amansala Chica

Beach View at Amansala Chica

Room at Amansala Chica

Amansala Chica: Room 21

Upstairs Amansala Chica

The best views from the new Yoga Studio at Amansala Chica


If you are looking to getaway from it all for a complete mind, body, spirit tune up, look no further. AMANSALA is offering a 6 night program designed to do just that.

Our 6 night program is designed to rejuvenate and balance from the inside out. Included in the package is a beautiful room, meals which consist of fresh fruits and vegetables designed to cleanse, nourish and take off weight.

Away from the stress of daily life in a tranquil setting you will find it is easy to dedicate the time needed to replenishing oneself through yoga, beach walks, clean eating, massages and time in nature.


  • - Accommodations
  • - All meals which are fresh & healthy with two day raw food intro followed by lean and green eating
  • - Morning beach walks
  • - Daily yoga & meditation
  • - Excursion to the local fresh water swimming holes & Mayan ruins
  • - 2 Spa Services (massage, facial, reflexology)
  • - Mayan clay treatment
  • - Body Sculpting classes daily
  • - Raw food & healthy cooking classes
  • - Consultation with fitness trainers and nutritionist


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All prices are subject to a 17% tax.

This package is available any date but to experience with other like minded people we have these group dates:

  • Sep 18th - Sep 24th
  • Sep 24th - Sep 30th
  • Oct 19th - Oct 25th
  • Nov 12th - Nov 18th
  • Nov 24th - Nov 30th
  • Dec 11th - Dec 17th
  • Dec 23rd - Dec 29th
  • Dec 29th - Jan 4th
  • Jan 4th - Jan 10th
  • Jan 10th - Jan 6th
  • Jan 21st - Jan 27th
  • Jan 29th - Feb 2nd
  • Feb 7th - Feb 13th
  • Feb 14th - Jan 18th
  • Mar 6th - Mar 12th
  • Mar 12th - Mar 18th
  • Mar 18th - Mar 24th
  • Apr 11th - Apr 17th
  • Apr 17th - Apr 23rd

The program is designed to be a vacation with a purpose. A place where you can come on your own or with a friend or partner to relax on a gorgeous beach, pamper yourself, eat clean simple natural food, move your body and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

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